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Enfield shower repairs

Thermostatic Shower Repairs Enfield

  Thermostatic shower 

We repair all make showers from all the leading manufacturers, so if its Triton, Deva, Morreti, Mira, Redring, MX, Aqualisa, Gainsborough, Heatrae Grohe or any other supplier we can help get your shower back to its best!

What is a thermostatic shower mixer?
A thermostatic mixer shower maintains an exact water temperature for the duration of your shower. It protects you from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower, so even if somebody flushes the toilet or turns on the kitchen tap the temperature of your shower will remain the same.

How does a thermostatic mixer work?
The thermostatic valve mixes the hot and cold water to your pre-selected temperature and reacts instantly to any changes in the pressure or temperature of the water supply by re-adjusting the mix of hot and cold water. Should there be a failure in your cold water supply, the thermostatic valve will automatically shut down.

GROHE CoolTouch

What are the benefits?

A thermostatic mixer shower valve offers three key benefits: safety, convenience and economy.
  • Safety – Your pre-selected water temperature remains constant for the duration of your shower, so there’s no risk of scalding from a sudden temperature increase and no surprising shocks should the temperature.
  • Convenience – Thermostatic showers will maintain your pre-selected water temperature, leaving you to relax and enjoy your shower. Should you wish to stop the water (e.g. to shampoo your hair), the thermostat will automatically find the exact same temperature when you re-start the flow.
  • Economy – Install a thermostatic shower and you can save water and energy too. Thanks to their efficiency, a thermostatic shower mixer will pay for itself over a short period of time. Use our water-saving calculator to find out just how much you can save.